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About Us

Lisa Egglestone moved with her family to Australia in 2012 leaving behind her 25 year career in London as a leading interior designer and stylist.

‘Since moving with my family to Australia I discovered a new passion – an appreciation and understanding of all things ‘natural’ coming from living on acreage in the beautiful Samford Valley in Queensland. I realised that living ‘down under’ and adapting to a more challenging climate meant that my skincare routine was going to play a more important role in my life.’

Holding qualifications in organic skincare and essential oils in business she now works alongside her specialist formulator to produce her range of Native Botanical skincare.

Understanding that the epidermis (the outer layer of our skin) is our biggest living organ and that it absorbs what we put onto it made me realise the importance of natural and organic skincare.

Aequora’s range of sustainable, eco-luxe products feature Australian Native Botanicals with a focus on Aequora’s chosen key ingredients for their potent and skin loving properties and their signature blends of essential oils.

‘Being a Mum, I also want the best for my daughter’s skin – And so, my journey with Aequora began.’

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