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Our Big News!!! We're Moving... What This Means For Aequora.

January 21, 2021 3 min read

Our Big News!!!  We're Moving... What This Means For Aequora.

My Daughter's Graduation.

This is where I'm going to struggle to find the right words as I have had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life it seems.

This is my family in the photo - Me, my husband and our daughter Ella on her graduation day from high school last year, just a few months ago.  So what is the relevance of all this?  Well, quite simply, our daughter, Ella, has been fortunate enough to have have secured a place to study her Bachelor of Arts degree at UAL - University of the Arts London.

 The Big Decision.

We are naturally thrilled and delighted for her on this fantastic achievement but it has also put us into a tailspin taking into account the recent events of Covid, restricted travel, lockdowns etc.  As a family, we have made the momentous decision to move back to the UK for the foreseeable future as it just seems too far away for us all to be apart for 4 years.


So, What Is Happening To Aequora?

I have been in turmoil ever since, as I have mulled over the future of Aequora.

I have been so proud of my little company and it's achievements in such a short space of time.  I only launched 3 years ago and it is still considered a start up company.  In that time, Aequora's range of natural skincare products has been fortunate enough to have been certified by the Australian Made Campaign to highlight how important it is to buy and support Australian Made & Owned businesses and to give you peace of mind that our products are genuinely Australian made using the highest quality Australian grown ingredients.

I have had all products certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia so customers, again, can buy in the knowledge that our products are genuinely Vegan friendly, Not Tested On Animals, Toxic Free and Made Safe.

On top of that, I have been fortunate enough to have received multiple awards for the products  - these awards have been awarded globally which I hope has also provided you with the knowledge that Aequora's product range has been tried and tested by top beauty judges across the world including Australia, Canada and the UK.

I have worked so hard to build our wholesale stockists ( incredibly hard!) and couldn't be more grateful for their support and repeat orders as I am immensely grateful for all the support and orders from our online customer base throughout Australia.

I have handled every aspect of running Aequora from the orders through to social media posts, packaging etc. You name it....I do it!   Aequora is me  - Lisa.  I do the whole shabang and I have loved it!  


What Does This Mean To You, The Customer?

Basically, it means that this year, most likely after the  Easter period, I shall be putting my business officially on hold.

My focus has to be prioritising my family and our move back to the UK and settling us into the UK, which will not be an easy task.  Therefore, if I can't give Aequora my undivided attention, which is what is required, when running a small business on your own, I feel this is the best option to take.


The Plus Side For You!!!

I shall be needing to clear my current stock which means I shall be greatly discounting all current stock products!

I am currently running our Wild Sale with all products discounted up to 50% off the RRP......possibly more!

My Heartfelt Thank You To You.

​The support I have received since starting Aequora has meant the world to me.  From online customers signing up to Aequora's email list to receive our latest updates, news, offers etc. to business coaches, wholesale stockists and wholesale suppliers - all who have played a huge part in the success of this little business with a big goal - to bring to you the highest quality eco conscious natural skincare products.

Every 'like' on Aequora's Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages has spurred me on to continue pushing this sustainably run business to 'do my bit' to help inform customers of the need to switch to clean skincare and also to do my part in helping ensure the beautiful waterways of Australia are not contaminated with harsh chemicals that can affect the incredible flora and fauna of this beautiful country.  A country which I know I shall miss so much, a country which I love.


Rest assured, you have been much appreciated!

Signing off for the time being....


Thanks for everything!




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