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Aequora Wins 4 Editors Choice Awards In The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

March 04, 2021 5 min read

Aequora Wins 4 Editors Choice Awards In The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

We couldn’t be more proud to announce we have won not one but FOUR Editors Choice Awards in this year’s Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Aequora Winners in the Beauty Shortlist Awards - Editors Choice are:

Obviously product entries were submitted for judging last year in September – well before the decision was made to move back to the UK and the extremely hard decision to put Aequora on hold for the time being.

These awards are recognised globally and competition is fierce, so I am absolutely delighted to have received awards for 4 of my products.  We have been recognised alongside some HUGE names in the beauty industry and this is such a big achievement.

 Here’s some facts about the Beauty Shortlist Awards:

  • 100% independent and completely ad and sponsor-free, The Beauty Shortlist Awards were launched in the UK in 2012 by natural beauty journalist and eco lifestyle advocate Fiona Klonarides to spotlight and support natural, ethical and sustainable brands
  • They went global in 2017, attracting entries from 39 countries and entries are judged by experts in UK, USA and Australia
  • The awards are well known for their transparency and ethical focus and are closely followed by consumers, industry experts, including beauty buyers, industry news sources, journalists, PRs, retailers and international distributors
  • They provide a level playing field to global brands and smaller artisan brands alike, celebrating the brightest new beauty and natural health launches alongside already established and much-loved products
  • Media coverage of the Beauty Shortlist and BSL Awards in the UK, USA and Australia includes: Natural Products News Europe, My Green Pod (distributed to over 6 million eco-conscious readers, quarterly, with The Guardian), Cosmetics Design (USA), Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine (USA), The Financial Times, Diary Directory, Fashion Insight, and The Vegan Company News and Cos Beauty (AUS)


What Makes These Products Award Winning?

It’s so important as a consumer to know what you are buying.  To know that your chosen product is natural when it says natural on the label.  There is still so much greenwashing that goes on in the beauty industry especially around so-called natural products.  So, as always, I urge you all to read your labels and know the basics of what is good for your skin and what to avoid.

Aequora products are licensed by the Australian Made Campaign which means you can buy knowing that the ingredients and packaging are sourced from within Australia and supporting Australian businesses.

Our focus is on Australian botanical ingredients for their incredible skin nourishing properties – why would we want to import ingredients from anywhere else?!

We have all our products certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia to assure our customers that every product is vegan friendly; not tested on animals; made safe and toxic free.


This is quite a process that costs money and that is why it is so  important to look out for the correct logos and icons through a certifying body and not ones just pulled off the internet.

It means our products do not contain any harmful ingredients making Aequora a true clean beauty brand.  Many brands still use Phenoxyethanol as a preservative in their products….why? Well, it is deemed safe if used under 1% but honestly, it’s a synthetic preservative – so why include a synthetic in a natural product.  Cost mainly.  Also, here’s a fact, products cannot be certified organic if they contain Phenoxyethanol and there is an FDA warning out on this ingredient.  So, there you have it.  My advice….I’d leave it out!

So, Let’s Focus On The Good Stuff!

Starting with our Exfoliating Body Scrub winning it’s third award.

Containing a host of incredible ingredients to treat your skin to including Apricot Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E.


A gentle exfoliating and polishing body scrub to nurture, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamins C & E to promote new cell growth and sebum balance in your skin.

Packed with nutrient rich certified organic ingredients, Australian Native Botanical extracts and a fresh, zesty blend of essential oils to leave your skin feeling beautifully soft and moisturised.

See our recent post on our top tips for exfoliating your body.

Next up is our Body Moisturising Lotion with it’s second award

Ideal for all skin types and infused with our botanical blend of essential oils with fresh, zesty lemon notes, it is easily absorbed to soothe and tone your skin.

Enriched with certified organic ingredients including Shea butter and deep skin penetrating Jojoba oil, this anti-oxidant rich moisturiser will leave your skin feeling beautifully hydrated and nourished. Skin softening Virgin Avocado oil is packed with vitamins and proteins to promote skin suppleness.

Native botanical extracts of Kakadu Plum, Lilly Pilly and Quandong help produce an even skin tone, maintaining the skins health whilst protecting it from environmental harm, keeping your skin looking radiant and youthful.

Lastly, our two best sellers – Intensely Moisturising Hand Cream now with it’s fourth award!!! And our Pure Hydrating & Brightening Serum with it’s second award.

Our Intensely Moisturising Hand Cream constantly receives rave reviews on how it help calm eczema prone skin, smooths fine lines and helps clear pigmentation.

A luxurious, easily absorbed hand cream designed to soften and nourish hands and cuticles with a blend of fresh, zesty essential oils and Native Botanical extracts to help repair and regenerate damaged skin cells to promote a smooth and moisturised skin.

Helps lift and gently tighten the skin to reduce the signs of ageing. Made with natural and certified organic ingredients.

One of our newer launches is the incredibly popular Pure Hydrating & Brightening Serum containing the incredibly effective and hugely popular Hyaluronic Acid along with Aloe Vera, kakadu Plum, Vitamins C, B5 & B3.


This potent, lightweight serum is ideal for all skin types and complexions. Use on its own or beneath your moisturiser for extra nourishment.  With a soothing base of Aloe Vera to target pigmentation and signs of ageing, it also helps boost collagen production and brighten skin tone. Hyaluronic acid will rehydrate skin helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst it’s antioxidant properties  protect your skin from the environment and sun exposure.  Combined with Kakadu Plum (the world’s richest source of Vitamin C),Vitamins B5, B3 and Olive Squalene your skin will feel smoother, firmer and protected.

Suitable For All Skin Types.


  • Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Balances, Hydrates & Brightens Skin
  • Source of antioxidants and vitamins
  • Nourishes, smoothes and brightens complexion
  • Leaves skin looking radiant


I couldn’t have asked for a better ‘send off’ winning these awards with Aequora going on hold for a while whilst my family and I relocate back to the UK.

Huge thanks to all the companies that have recognised Aequora with these incredibly prestigious awards.

It’s always a battle for a small company to go up against the big brands but when you are confident you have an amazing product and it’s judged by beauty experts globally, then it reassures our customers we are as good as the big guys!

‘Be good to your skin.  You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life!’


Many thanks to:

The Beauty Shortlist Awards

Organic Beauty Brands

Certclean – Clean Beauty Awards

Nature & Health Magazine - Natural Beauty Awards


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